The image below gives you an idea of the size of this horse in comparison to my salt and pepper shakers.

Remember: you may include a neck decoration if you like. The neck decoration is customizable.



My first horse was a pinto named Chiquita, which means "little girl" in Spanish. she was my best friend.

The Pinto horse is a color breed in contrast to most other breeds which are defined by their genetic ancestry. In America, the Pinto is regarded as a proper breed. Pintos have a dark background coloring and upon this color random patches of white. The Pinto coloration may occur in any breed or specific conformation. However, the Pinto Horse Association of America does not accept horses with Appaloosa, Draft, or mule breeding or characteristics. In the American west, the Pinto has traditionally been regarded as a horse the American Indian favored as a war horse since its coloring provided a natural camouflage. 

The Pinto horse was a favorite among American cowboys and Native Americans. Famous Pintos include Tonto’s Scout, Little Joe’s Cochise and Frank Hopkins’ Hidalgo.