These Rocking Horses are Discontinued.

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The Museum Horse

Museum rider

In 2016, Jackie received a call from the Imagine Children's Museum, ( located in Everett, Washington. One of their exhibits, a horse for the children to sit on, needed to be replaced. After finding Jackie's website, they called her to inquire about a replacement horse. Jackie was delighted to be able to make a horse to fit their needs. This request truly touched her heart. She loved the idea of many children being able to sit on her horse in the museum. The horse was placed in their Rise and Shine Farm exhibit area. It was sturdy and large enough for even adults to sit on it and enjoy. This special order horse was much larger than her standard creations. It is not a rocking horse, but a stationary horse.


The Renegade

This custom order was for fans of the Florida State football team. The horse is reminiscent of the team's mascot, Renegade.


Custom Donkey

My sister-in-law loves donkeys, so her husband asked if I could make her one that would stand on its own, not on rockers. I thoroughly enjoyed this because I think donkeys are adorable.

Custom "Shabby" Horse

This horse was a custom creation for a lady who found Jackie's website and information on the Internet. She saw that Jackie could do custom work, so asked if Jackie could try a "Shabby" black and white horse. Jackie knocked it out of the ballpark! The lady was thrilled with her horse. Below, you see this special horse resting comfortably in it's new home.


Wheeled Base

This customer liked my mantel horse on wheels.  He had a special room that he was decorating out and wanted a Chiquita size horse on wheels to add to its decor.  I told him this size horse with wheels would not be rideable because I could not guarantee that the legs would not give out under heavy weight not being connected in place by rockers. He understood but wanted it only for decoration.  So I gladly made it for him and thoroughly enjoyed the finished product.

Teeter-Totter Horse

The owners of this horse had been to an antique shop in Maine and found a delightful antique horse like this that they wanted to buy for grandchildren, but it was too frail to make the trip to their home in California.  So they asked me if I could make one for them.  It required some interesting and difficult construction challenges, but I was pleased with the results. The finished horse had a T bar on each seat to hold onto which I failed to get in the picture.

The Carousel Horse

The people who commissioned me to do this horse had a miracle baby that was born prematurely and weighed only one pound.  She pulled through and was thriving and they wanted a very special rocking horse for her.  They actually provided the carousel pole for it and asked to make it a unicorn.  It definitely is a one of a kind with all its gold trimmings.