Jackie Builds a Rocking Horse Creation

Jackie Wilson's heart for horses and bringing joy to children finds it's expression in her talent of building rocking horses that children can actually ride! Watch as Jackie works on another rocking horse creation. Listen as she shares her heart about horses, making rocking horses, and bringing joy to others. You'll see her in her shop and see samples of her created rocking horse gifts.

Oklahoma Horizon Video About the Rocking Horse for Prince George

The Horizon story Oklahoma Horizon Tv shot about President Obama purchasing one of Jackie's rocking horses for Prince George debuted this Sunday, Feb 15th at 3pm on OETA. Over the course of the week the story aired more than 90 times on their network of stations including two nationwide airings. Their story will also be streaming on our website okhorizon.com as well as on our YouTube channel. Click here for the YouTube Channel Video, or watch below.


Jackie's Story: Video Interview

On Aug. 14, 2014, Diana Baldwin with The Oklahoman interviewed Jackie about her passion for creating handmade Rocking Horses and her story about creating one for Prince George of Cambridge.

Below, you'll see the video interview, again thanks to The Oklahoman.