It seems I was born with a love for horses. Ever since I remember I wanted a horse. At age 12 my dreams came true and we got our first horse. I spent all my time either riding or taking care of Chiquita or drawing horses. Somewhere along the way I picked up an interest in woodworking. My dad allowed me the use of his workshop and I did a little bit of woodworking just for fun.

After college, my horse riding days waned and married life took over. When pregnant with our first child I ran into some plans in a magazine for making a rocking horse. How exciting! It blended my love for horses with the woodworking and voila! The first Wilson Rocking Horse was born. Never expecting to make another one, a few years passed, and I decided to make a couple more. It became a hobby. I tried different sizes and styles. At this time, we lived on a wooded acreage in a log home. This type of setting inspired more rocking horses. Finally, it seemed time to turn a hobby into a business as my house was getting crowded with horses! And thus, my Wilson Rocking Horses business was born.

The rideable rocking horses were a pleasure to ride. My daughter used to take long trips on hers with her belongings tied onto the saddle. They made a great focal point in a child's room or playroom. The smaller ones make great decorator pieces in almost any room of the house.

Finally, a few years ago, I laid down the making of the larger horses. Now, I am crafting small, decorative horses. My passion for horses and the joy shown by those who receive them compels me to continue to make these beautiful heirloom quality creations, albeit in smaller form.

Because I have a love for antiques, these horses have a feel of the old fashioned kind, which is what I want to pass on to anyone with an appreciation for heirlooms. Yet they are beautiful accents in modern decor.