Thank you to Guideposts for featuring me in a story about the gift to Prince George. Below, find some of their story, plus the link to the full article.

A Horse for a Prince

At 60 she turned a prophecy into a business. Now it looked like a big mistake.

By Jackie Wilson, Edmond, Oklahoma, As appeared in

Sunday evening at Church on the Rock in Oklahoma City. Soft music filled the sanctuary. I stood near the altar, my attention fixed on the two women facing me, their heads bowed in prayer. They were prophetic ministers, there for our Apostolic and Prophetic Conference. For those who were open to it, the women would relay words from the Holy Spirit, words they hoped would have an impact on our lives.

I wasn’t sure what to expect. A few years earlier, a different set of women at the conference had told me they saw me in business. “Use your gifts in the marketplace,” they urged. At the time, I’d been a busy stay-at-home mom while my husband, Randy, worked as a geophysicist.

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