Special Order from Imagine Children's Museum


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Above - getting ready to go to the museum!

Museum Horse

 At his new home.

Museum rider


In 2016, Jackie received a call from the Imagine Children's Museum, (https://www.imaginecm.org/) located in Everett, Washington.

One of their exhibits, a horse for the children to sit on, needed to be replaced. After finding Jackie's website, they called her to inquire about a replacement horse. Jackie was delighted to be able to make a horse to fit their needs. This request truly touched her heart. She loved the idea of many children being able to sit on her horse in the museum.

The horse would be placed in their Rise and Shine Farm exhibit area. It needed to be sturdy and large enough for even adults to sit on it and enjoy. This special order horse is much larger than her standard creations. It is not a rocking horse, but a stationary horse.

Above, you will see pictures of Jackie's horse creation.

Jackie Builds a Rocking Horse Creation