Laying Them Down

logoongray1979 was the year I made my first rocking horse.  Since then I have been on quite an adventure with ups and downs, ending on such a peak these last few years. 

Now it is time to lay them down and go on to new adventures.  Therefore I will not be making any more rocking horses.

I have met so many wonderful people, made new acquaintances and gleaned invaluable help from others more knowledgeable than I am in the woodworking department.

I want to thank all the customers who thought a Wilson rocking horse was worth purchasing.  I hope the horses continue to bring pleasure for years to come to those who ride them.


Jackie Wilson


Jackie Wilson's hand-carved rocking horses are made with love from the very best materials.

Recent Custom Creations:

Custom Donkey for Jackie's Sister-in-law.

(Click on this image for more pictures of this sweetie.)


Wheeled Chiquita and Teeter-Totter Horse

(Click on images for enlargement.)

wheeled chiquita300   teeter totter300b


One of Jackie's most recent creations is a beautiful CAROUSEL HORSE. (Click on image for enlargement.)

carousel horse


Another horse features a western saddle, some horses feature real horse hair, and some of her hand-carved horse beauties are on rockers.

Some even come as pull-toys!



A Large Horse for a Museum!

Museum Horse




Pictured below are our three sizes of wooden rocking horses. 
The horses below are done in our very popular PINTO color. 

To see all colors and sizes, please click here.
To learn about the types of rocking horses, please click here.

To purchase horses, please call or email Jackie. 



Jackie's Newest Creation: Custom "Shabby" Horse

The Black and White Shabby Horse with Bridle

Jackie also makes Custom Rocking Horses.
Jackie has an amazing talent that is apparent when you see her rocking horses. What is not quite as apparent, until you've experienced it - is her ability to translate the custom requests of customers into beautiful, finished horses. Below, find her  "Shabby" horse.


Jackie Builds a Rocking Horse Creation

Wilson Rocking Horses


br email

Museum Horse: Special Order

Larger Museum Horse, without rocking feature.

Museum rider

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