The image below gives you an idea of the size of this horse in comparison to my salt and pepper shakers.

Remember: the neck decoration is customizable.
PALOMINO Customization: I can substitute the dark tail for a white tail.


 Buckskin is a horsehair coat color that mimics various hues of tanned deerskin. Buckskins are characterized by their gold, white, or grey coats and their black mane, tail, and lower leg points. The variation in buckskin coloring has a wide range. The bottom portion of the legs, mane, and tail of a buckskin horse will always be solid black. They are not a horse breed, but a color pattern.

They are commonly used as all-around western workhorses and are also popular in various equestrian disciplines, including western pleasure, trail riding, and rodeo events.

Today, buckskin remains a highly sought-after color among horse enthusiasts. These horses are well-known for their versatility and make excellent all-around western workhorses.

They are renowned for their high endurance, soundness, and sure-footedness, making them a popular choice for cowboys and ranchers alike. Buckskin horses have become increasingly popular in many equestrian disciplines, including Western pleasure, trail riding, and rodeo events.

Their beauty, athleticism, and reliability make them a favorite among horse lovers worldwide.