Welcome back to Wilson Rocking Horses. After laying down the making of big rocking horses which ended a long season of building rideable rocking horses, I have made a turn in the road to making small, what I call, coffee table horses.

It seems my passion for the beauty of horses just doesn't quit. So I am now making small horses for the fun of bringing horse beauty to any spot in your house that wants it.

Please peruse the following pages to see if you might want to be the owner of one of these little rocking horses and contact me if you are interested.  You can contact me by phone (405-227-6417 ) and/or email: rockingirl9@hotmail.com.  To purchase, please go to the purchase page.

Jackie's handcrafted art pieces are each unique, one-of-a-kind pieces of horse art. Each one is carefully handcrafted with love -- using Jackie's amazing artistic talent. All proceeds go to charitable opportunities; she doesn't keep any profits.

Jackie's Artistry


NEW! Announcing Jackie's Latest Creations: Two Types of Appaloosa