Jackie has been asked about the styles, sizes, colors, and prices of each type of rocking horse. The prices are listed at the bottom of this page.

To help you visualize the size, we've arranged the three sizes into groups of the three colors. You can download her full color brochure: click here.

Jackie Wilson's Rocking Horses come in three colors:
Pinto, Dappled Gray, and Buckskin

Her rocking horses come in three sizes (from small to large):

  • Mantel rocking horse - 7 lbs., 28 " long, about 7" wide, 19" tall to top of ears ($350)
  • Tonka rocking horse - 23 lbs., 48" long, 12" wide,  29" tall to top of ears ($895)
  • Chiquita rocking horse - 60 lbs., 58" long, 15 1/2" wide, 3 ft. tall to top of ears ($2100)

If you wish a custom rocking horse, please call or email Jackie. You can talk with her about the size, color, accessories, and other attributes. Click here to view custom creations.


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Below, the three sizes of Pinto rocking horses

Home decor and decorations: wooden rocking horses.  Comes in 3 sizes.


Below, the three sizes of Dappled Gray rocking horses

NOTE: We've changed the tail on the larger rocking horse from hardwood to be horses' hair; similar to the others.

Home decor and decorations: wooden rocking horses.  Comes in 3 sizes.


Below, the three sizes of Buckskin and Palomino rocking horses

Home decor and decorations: wooden rocking horses.  Comes in 3 sizes. Rocking horses in Oklahoma City, OK; gifts, crafts, rideable rocking horses.

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Custom Creations

newcollectionIf you wish a rocking horse creation that you do not see on the website, please call or email jackie to see if she can make a custom rocking horse for you.
See her latest custom creation below: an "Shabby" Black & White.
Click here to see her second Black & White.



Prices & Full Color Brochure

NEW SEPT 2014: Download our printable price sheet CLICK HERE.  Download our full color brochure: CLICK HERE.

In the News

We've Been In the News!

Below, picture of Prince George riding his rocking horse gift from the White House. In some of the articles below, read more about this rocking horse that Jackie made. 



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I'm so glad you love my rocking horses!
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A work of art by you! I can't stop looking at it and just enjoy it to the fullest. Thanks again! J & B.

J & B

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Museum Horse: Special Order

Larger Museum Horse, without rocking feature.

Museum rider

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