These beauties are hand-carved with love from only the very best materials.
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Jackie's Newest Creation: Custom "Antique" Horse

The Antique Black and White Horse with Bridle

newcollectionThis horse is a custom creation for a lady who found Jackie's website and information on the Internet. She saw that Jackie can do custom work, so asked if Jackie could try an "Antique" black and white horse. Jackie knocked it out of the ballpark! The lady was thrilled with her horse.

Below, on the left, you see the special horse resting comfortably in it's new home. On the right, you see a second, modified version of it that Jackie did after her first black and white horse.

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whiteblackth antiqueth



The Chiquita - with western saddle ($2100.00)

chiquita dapple graysm

chiquita buckskin western saddlesm
chiquitapinto baychiquita2
Dapple Gray & Pinto Chiquita Buckskin Chiquita (Click on top image for large)

The Chiquita - with western saddle

blk triangle60 lbs., 58" long, 15 1/2" wide, 3 ft. tall to top of ears
blk trianglePine body, hand chiseled, disc sanded oak legs
blk triangleRockers of red oak which have slatted platform for easy mounting
blk triangleHand painted in a 5 step process
blk triangleWestern saddle
blk triangleStout horse for many an hour of happy riding
blk triangleComes in a variety of colors


 The Secretariat - the racing glider ($2100.00)

dsc00966th dsc00968th

The Secretariat- the racing glider

blk triangle38 lbs., 48" long, 20" wide, 33" tall to top of ears
blk triangleHand chiseled pine body, oak legs
blk triangleHand painted in a 5 step process
blk triangleRides on an antiqued red, oak stand and has a nice gliding action
blk triangleEnglish type saddle
blk triangleMetal stationary step-like stirrups at the sides

 The Tonka - Named after a one of our beautiful ponies ($895.00)

dsc00958th dsc00963th
pintotonka buckskintonka2
Pinto Tonka Buckskin Tonka


tonka buckskin325

The Tonka -
Named after a one of our beautiful ponies
blk triangle23 lbs., 48" long, 12" wide, 29" tall to top of ears
blk triangleEnglish type saddle
blk triangleReal horsehair forelock and tail
blk triangleHand chiseled pine body, oak legs
blk triangleOak rocker has slatted platform to mount from
blk triangleHand painted in 5 step process
blk triangleComes in a variety of colors



These are decorative horses and  are not rideable: ($350.00)

dsc00976th dsc00977th
dsc00978th dsc00980th


blk triangle7 lbs., 28" long, approximately 7" wide, 19" tall to top of ears
blk triangleComes in 4 colors - (from top)
dark stain, glazed
light stain, glazed
pinto stained, no two patterns alike (shown below)
blk triangleWith wood grain showing through
blk triangleWhite horsehair tail

copy of dsc01014th buckskinmantel

Mantel: Pinto Stained on the left,  Buckskin Stained on the right

Below, our Wheeled Horses Pull Toy: ($410.00)

dsc00941th dsc00930th

The Wheeled horse - (the photo to the right gives you an idea of it's size)
This is the same style as the Mantel horse but it is painted like the bigger horses
blk triangleEnglish saddle and bridle
blk triangleMounted on wheels
blk triangle(I call it a "Pull Toy")
blk triangleHas dark horsehair tail and forelock


Below, our Primitive Horse: ($295.00)

copy of dsc01017th

The Primitive Horse -
blk triangleThis is a standing horse (not on rockers)
blk trianglemade from reclaimed old wood with all its beautiful cracks and personality
blk trianglewith or without rope mane and tail
blk trianglefinish of wax with stain 

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Below, picture of Prince George riding his rocking horse gift from the White House. In some of the articles below, read more about this rocking horse that Jackie made. 



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Chalko arrived and he is so beautiful!! Thank you so very much. I can't thank you enough for such a beautiful job!

Marian N

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Larger Museum Horse, without rocking feature.

Museum rider

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