It seems I was born with a love for horses.  Ever since I remember I wanted a horse.  At age 12 my dreams came true and we got our first horse. I spent all  my time either riding or taking care of Chiquita or drawing horses.  Somewhere along the way I picked up an interest in woodworking.  My dad allowed me the use of his workshop and I did a little bit of woodworking just for fun. 

My cat helps out a lot!

After college, my horse riding days waned and married life took over.  When pregnant with our first child I ran into some plans in a magazine for making a rocking horse.  How exciting!  It blended my love for horses with the woodworking and voila! The first Wilson Rocking Horse was born.  Never expecting to make another one, a few years passed and I decided to make a couple more. It became a hobby.  I tried different sizes and styles.

I also have a love for antiques.  These horses have a feel of the old fashioned kind, which is what I want to pass on to anyone with an appreciation for heirlooms.  They not only are a pleasure to ride (my daughter used to take long trips on hers with her belongings tied onto the saddle) but they make a great focal point in a child's room or playroom.  The smaller ones make great decorator pieces in almost any room of the house.

Living on a wooded acreage in a log home inspired more rocking horses as it seemed a fitting setting for them.  It seemed time to turn a hobby into a business as my house was getting crowded with horses. And thus, my business was born!



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Below, picture of Prince George riding his rocking horse gift from the White House. In some of the articles below, read more about this rocking horse that Jackie made. 



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Shaping the Head



A work of art by you! I can't stop looking at it and just enjoy it to the fullest. Thanks again! J & B.

J & B

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Museum Horse: Special Order

Larger Museum Horse, without rocking feature.

Museum rider

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